Breathalyzer has become one of the most important tools and devices in ensuring that your alcohol levels as well as other addictive substance levels remain in check. Drunken driving has become pretty rampant these days and apart from that there are various alcohol related incidents that prove to be fatal. There have been instances of people getting drowned, homicides and cardiac arrests causing death among people who drink excessively. Thus alcohol abuse has been one of the most common problems of the society since a long time and it is here that the breathalyzer can prove to be effective in curbing some of the damage related to the intake of alcohol.breathalyzer 300x223 Keychain Breathalyzers   Do They Work

Various purposes of breathalyzers

The breathalyzer can be used for commercial as well as private purposes. If you are amongst those who are afraid of drunken driving accidents as you might be prone to late night drinking parties then you can choose to keep a breathalyzer in your car itself. Using a breathalyzer ensures that you can check the alcohol levels in your blood effectively at any given point of time. The breathalyzer is very simple to use and provides almost instant results. The usage of breathalyzers is pretty common amongst the traffic police cops who use this device to check the content of alcohol in blood to determine whether the motorist was drinking and driving.

The working of the breathalyzer is based on pretty straight-forward concept. The person taking the alcohol test is supposed to blow in the mouth piece section of the breathalyzer machine. The sensors of the machine measure the alcohol’s weight as compared to breath’s volume that has been exhaled. Though there have been various doubts that have been expressed by the critics occasionally, but the popularity of the device suggests that indeed it is making a positive difference in the society.

Usefulness of the tool

The people from various strata of society have understood that the breathalyzer is a pretty useful tool that goes a long way in ensuring alcohol free drivers and a much better society3standards. That is the reason the law enforcement agencies as well as educational institutes have taken it to these devices in a big way. There are various types and categories of breathalyzers that are available in the market. These breathalyzers vary in their specifications, features and prices. If you are planning to buy a breathalyzer then you must ensure that you go for the one that meets all industry standards for quality and the one which has been approved as well as certified by the FDA.

At times you might get inaccurate results especially if you are a diabetic patient and thus you must calibrate as well properly adjust the device as specified by the manufacturers. As mentioned earlier the breathalyzers are available at various prices and specifications. The personal breathalyzers can be purchased at an approximate price of 200$, whereas the commercial one are more expensive and are priced at almost 400$. Depending on your requirements you must choose the appropriate device for yourself.

The breathalyzer helps us to keep the blood alcohol levels in check and hence it’s constructive to have one.

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